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    There is enough info on the
    / GG marked badges that it astounds me why someone would consider placing a bid on a modern piece of junk ! Klaus and the crew must know , no ?
    BM / is in one of Jörg Nimmergut`s books as a genuine makers mark, and some still believe him. So no matter even if they know, they can, or could, always fall back on that fact.
    "Gee, thanks for informing us, we saw it in a respected historians books on awards and medals and just followed that" backstage "rumbled... another one for the box to sell at the next show, or flea market."
    That`s always going to be a problem, when a POS is in a book by someone who has a name. And Nimmergut is very well known, and trusted by many older Germans, regardless of the many mistakes he has made and printed.

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    Up at the moment, at MILI321, guaranteed authentic


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    Authentic what though?

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    Moving over to the auction format was a shrewd move for these militaria dealers...

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