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    Is this RZM GES GESCH HJ Arbeiterjugend membership badge a dud ??

    I believe this pin on Grenadier military to be a dud. My red flag is the lone and poorly raised RZM stamp on this early badge. So lets hear the opinions by the way I did buy the other one he had with the correct marking


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    The enamel looks filled in, not overfilled and polished down like I am used to seeing. I'm not good with badges and pins.

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    good opinion Darin you are seeing that is what this exercise is all about


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    Compared to another example I have seen on collectors guild the swaz on this example seems to be thicker and slightly more counter clockwise in position. Also, some of the sun rays in the collectors guild one actually touch the outer rim whereas they don't in the other example.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am adding another example to this question.

    From Weitze:

    Admin edit: link is now dead

    It is a quite different example, starting from the Svastika, to the sun rays (thinner).

    Best Regards


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    I tend to agree, I don't like it.

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    Also, wasn't this badge phased out before the RZM started stamping things, therefore making it impossible to have an RZM stamp????
    See thread here The RZM began marking requirements in 1935 - please review... - Militaria Forums

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    Hi Paul and rest.

    This "game" could be a success if we extended to other areas. And we all learn about it.

    What about somebody showing pics of a "dud" and the rest of the people tells why and put other examples which shows the differences?. When the dud has been totally discovered, it could be moved to the fakes areas.

    The reason I mention this is because, sometimes, we tend to say, "it is a fake" and that is it. In this way, we give reasons, we investigate, we play and we all learn for the future.



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    Antonio THAT IS WHAT WE are doing here now, as I believe the example I put foreward due to the ugly rzm stamp is a dud . The exercise is to get everyone thinking posting thoughts and coming to a conclusion. I have already told the dealer my thoughts and bought his good one. THE OTHER may end up in the fake data base yet but want more input from the members here


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    There is some disagreement on whether this badge can have an RZM mark but I believe that it is perfectly acceptable. The badge was permitted for wear after the introduction of the HJ diamond and was designated by regulations as either 'the old round badge' or the 'tradition badge'. It was worn as an outward sign of seniority by those who had been members of the HJ prior to 1.6.32. On the introduction of the honour badge (HJ Ehrenzeichen) in 1934 the old badge became redundant and was from then on only permitted to be worn on civilian clothing. The regulations permitting this were still in effect years after the RZM had control of HJ badges so in my opinion it is pefectly possible for a traditions badge to have RZM markings to cater for those who lost their badges or simply wanted to buy a new one after 1934.

    I can't give much info on the badge shown by Paul other than to say that I don't like the finish to the reverse as it has that shiny, bubbly look I see on other fakes. The obverse looks pretty convincing but I do remember reading that the rays should not taper?

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