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    Tips on collecting HJ badges and tinnies

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    hello inman,& welcome to the forum,my advice is,..research,research research,.ask questions if you need to & post before buying if you are un-certain of anything,there are very experienced collectors here,your definetly in the right place,.always get high detailed photos if buying online,.though in hand purchases are always prefered in my opinion,no impulse purchases,following this advice which is what my grandfather tought me about collecting militaria,.the hunt & education is half the fun.happy hunting


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    Cheers wingman will defo be asking for some advice
    cheers inman

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    Best advice I can give is do not be in a hurry to build a collection. Start slowly and handle and view as many period authentic items as possible in your area of interest. Get to know what legitimate items look and feel like. Focus on becoming familiar with one or two items, learn all you can about them, and then add to the collection. Don't rely on any seller or dealer to authenticate items for you, learn for yourself. Buy reference books if possible, and understand they are not gospel and most have many errors. Seek the advice of others who collect items of interest to you. Learn the forum and know who specializes in what areas and ask advice from them. In conclusion have fun above all. Nothing like the opening of that parcel with a long awaited or desired item. Welcome.

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    Especially do not belive all the stories that are being told by sellers. Everything in the US and the UK is called veteran's bring backs just out of the hands of the vets family. In Germany and Austria the story is mostly attic find, barn find, and also (nowadys) just out of the hands of the late granddads family. Some stories are nice to listen to, some are even true. But in the end you buy an item, not a story.
    Do your research, especially here on the forum. Try to get as many badges in hand as possible at dealers and at shows. After a while you will be able to spot the easier fakes. Once in a while you will also buy a fake. That is the hard way to learn, but there is no way around that. A myself had items in my collection and considered them for decades as pre 1945 originals but came lately to the conclusion that they where manufactured in the 1960s. I am not happy with my insight on this, but I do have to accept it. Not all that one knows is the total truth. But you will be learning day after day, year after year.

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