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    Zinc HJ Badges period or copy?

    hi, I saw the posts regarding zink hitler youth babges and the comments about M1/109 I have one of these and zinc badges by makers M1/95 and M1/34 are these copies or period?
    Thanks Iky

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    Does it perhaps say M1/93. To find a zinc marked M1/95 should raise alarm bells, solely because who of that number belonged to.

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    Hi, yes having looked again it's not clear but could well be M1/93
    Thanks Iky

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    I dont think anyone said that 109 was a fake, i think the quality and way it looked was the issue on that thread? I guess you would have to study the late war HJ membership badges a bit more and build up a reference library of the various ways of construction, painting, varnishing etc, found on late war versions from specific areas. They dont have any instant warning signs for me though.

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