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    Achievement badges article

    In the newest "Military Advisor" (vol.23, number 3) from summer 2012 a ten-page
    article is to be found: Archievement Badges of the BDM and
    , written by Clyde R. Davis
    in his usual style: the describing of shown illustrations (21 in total).

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    Hi Wim,

    Are you in touch with Clyde at all? I'd be interested on his take on the findings in this thread on the 'S' HJ achievement badges:

    Also interested to see whether he gets the intro date for the
    achievement badge
    right. Other than this forum and the Blohm book no one else has published the right answer :)

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    Hello Garry,

    I do not have contact with Davis anymore. For years he tried to suck out information from me
    and hardly ever did something in return. Just bits and pieces. With every subject he made a
    discussion out of it. He denied assistance with my handbook, telling to be scared for even more
    I can "write a book" about the progressing of my article about the Waisenhaus from Potdam.
    With that article he was intending to assist, but when it was done, he backed off while he could
    not check my information, he said. The real problem was, I think, I did surpass the info he had,
    but above all my in-depth and good contact with members from the institution and the availability
    of over 400 photographs!

    He mentions for the
    the date December 1, 1937, which he mentions as footnote to be
    the Vorschriftenhandbuch der HJ, Band III. Page 1780 is where he found it.
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    Ah, I understand. Sorry to hear that Wim.

    Thanks for the info on his reference. As I suspected, his reference (Sonderdruck 11/37 1.12.1937) doesn't mention the badge. That Sonderdruck concerned itself with the 'Gesundheitsappell der deutschen Jugend'. I don't have a copy of the Sonderdruck but I can see from the 1937 Verordnungsblatt/Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt index that this was the name of Sonderdruck 11/37. Gebietsbefehl B1 38 Ruhr Niederrhein was published 6 weeks after the Sonderdruck on 14.1.1938 and consists of 22 pages clearly copied directly from it. It lists, among other things, the qualification requirements for all achievement badges: HJ, BDM and DJ - but there is no mention of the
    achievement badge
    . What are shown are the two

    -Probe (induction test)
    -Leistungsprobe (carried out to prepare the 12-13 year olds for achievement of the BDM bronze badge once they were transferred into the BDM )

    Why don't people like him use forums more!

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    I've been told Davis does not have Internet. If that is correct I don't know,
    but he never gave an email-address. I will ask a friend who may know!

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    I remember a 'situation' with him a couple of years ago where he asked for large pictures of my Jungvolkführer sleeve patch and then blew up when I (a long time later) mentioned in a thread that he had never got back to me to acknowledge that he had received them. In the end he denied even asking for them..... There was also an issue after he asked (through a third party) for an account to be created for him on the forum. I created it and it was subsequently used but he denied all knowledge of the account and started chucking threats around. The bizarre thing about it was that the whole thing blew up after Paul knidly offered to pay for a Full Member account for Davis.. Very strange episode I must say.

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    Garry, He thinks the S marked badges are real, he wrote about them (and pictured one) in an article a few years ago.
    Clyde Davis has Authenticated them as being genuine (page 29, Vol 21 N°2 of the two part series about HJ-Leistungsabzeichen in the Military Advisor.)
    in any case, i dont always agree with him or his articles, but i said this anyway a few times now with certain items. As far as i remember, his take on the S marked badges is that S meant SILBER... go figure.

    to prepare the younger girls
    Is it just me who finds this part ... well....interesting....?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Garry, He thinks the S marked badges are real, he wrote about them (and pictured one) in an article a few years ago.
    I know mate, that's why I mentioned it ;)

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    I don't care what he thinks about me.
    We have a name for a person like that and you surely also will know one: grumbler/grievance-monger
    To be honest: I am glad I got rid of him!

    Maybe Joe can comment on his newest article. I am not into badges or so!

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    I don't know him as well as you Wim but my experience with him has definitely been less than satisfactory. He didn't let me down on the same scale as he did with you though, that's for sure!

    Do you have a copy of the magazine at all Jo?

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