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    Quote Originally Posted by wilhelm saris View Post
    I don't care what he thinks about me.
    We have a name for a person like that and you surely also will know one: grumbler/grievance-monger
    To be honest: I am glad I got rid of him!

    Maybe Joe can comment on his newest article. I am not into badges or so!
    I flipped through that article this morning whilst taking a dump.. looks pretty long and interesting, but i have no idea about these badges at all, never had one, never looked into them, and wouldn't know what is "correct" or even anything about dates.... I dont even like them really, but each to his own i guess.

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    I'm interested mate :) Any chance of a couple of scans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    I'm interested mate :) Any chance of a couple of scans?
    already done :)

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    I had a read through the BDM
    article. There are glaring errors which could have been corrected before publication by coming to this forum which was why I was a little annoyed further up the thread. Whatever, the important thing now is that his words are now in print and many, many people will believe that what he wrote is the truth. That's a shame because it isn't always factual. The article isn't all bad though of course because he used some solid period sources even if his interpretation of them wasn't always correct. Some of the other references are less solid.

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