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    Achievement badges awarded at Wehrertüchtigungslager

    Do you know if there are any lists of achievement badge numbers from Wehrertuchtigungslagers ??? Like Millstattersee and Seebliek ?
    I would love to see mine recorded and be able to "prove" to my offspring that I indeed earned them. (HJLeistungsabzeigen and HJ Schiessabzeigen).
    At my age not really important anymore, but just a "nicety".
    Thanks !

    p.s. That also goes for membership lists of Banns. (935)

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    I don't personally know of any Haen unfortunately. It would be fantastic to see turn up information like that though.

    Did you get a chance to watch this clip at all?

    Footage of the Lager begins at 2:38

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    Thanks Garry,
    Yes I did view it; funny though, my memories are slightly different.
    Another thing that just popped up, is, that I always believed, and told that I had A HJ leistungsabzeichen in bronze. However learning from this forum, that was wrong, and must have been silver. I was 17 at the time, so the age does not match.
    I also remembered a slightly different bezitszeugnis form. Yellowish, and could be folded to fit a breast pocket.
    Perhaps for W.E. lagers it WAS different ?????
    I realize that this poses only a question for me, and not for the general population, but yet, it is puzzling.
    I don't think my Schiessabzeichen was Scharfschütze, but rather basic or so.
    Making it more prone to memory discrepancies is the fact that both badges were suddenly forbidden to wear on my military uniform, and disappeared into some drawer 'for the time being' in the schreibstube.
    Oh well, just curious !, Perhaps there is indeed a list of Milstättersee WE lager, and I can be traced on that one.
    Meanwhile I enjoy visiting !!!!! and learning.
    Keep it up. My days are numbered, I don't know how many, but you surely have a long way ahead of you.
    Thanks !!!

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    Your memories are extremely important Haen and your suspicion that you had a silver and not a bronze may well be correct.

    There were age groups corresponding to the various levels of the achievement badge series as you know but they were clearly not always adhered to in practice. I have a good set of documents for a Motor-HJ boy from Leer (Nordsee) who was born in September 1928 which demonstrates nicely I think how the war gradually turned order into organised chaos :)

    This particular boy joined the Jungvolk aged 9 in April 1938 but didn't qualify for his DJ achievement badge until September 1942 when he was 14. That's two years after he should have qualified if you go by the regulations. The reason for the delay was that his Fähnlein 'Grosser Fürst' only met at irregular intervals to carry out the necessary training. This situation worsened further when he and the rest of the boys were suddenly whisked off to a Kinderlandverschickung camp in April 1941 after heavy allied bombing.

    He was at the camp from April 1941 until the end of November 1941 where he completed most but not all parts of the DJ achievement badge test. In Feb 1942 he was evacuated to yet another
    camp and spent just over a year there during which time he was awarded the DJ achievement badge (22.9.1942) and also completed all testing for the HJ achievement in bronze which he was awarded in January 1943.

    His achievement book shows that he completed the sporting tests for his silver achievement badge on the 20th of August 1944. Two weeks later he had reported to Wehrertüchtigungslager II/7 Höckel to begin his pre-military training. Between then and the 16th of September 1944 he completed the remainder of the tests for silver and was awarded that badge and his Motor-HJ badge on 15.9.44.

    So, he got his DJ two years late, his bronze two years early and his silver a year early. Who cares about rules :)

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    memories and reality

    Thanks Garry,
    I have lately discovered on a variety of fora, that my memories not always match recorded "reality"
    I was beginning to wonder if my mind indeed was breaking down
    I also know that there were duplicate records made, that did not always match each other, and/or omitted items.
    Compliments of the Dutch "NIOD" Institute for war documentation, I have TWO different copies of my Stammkarte from their archives. There are slight differences and even omissions of actions or decoration on one of them.
    Because the first few days of our vacation behind wire, we still had many schreibstuben rolling, i even wonder if my Rgt Commander Hptsf Ziegler, who's melder I was again at the end, had tried to make my pending punishment lighter by leaving some actions or promotions out. The more where some of the stamps and signatures do not look familiar to me.
    Oh well. It's all water under the bridge.
    Thanks for all you efforts

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