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    Deutsche Jugendschaft Nordschleswig (DJN) achievement badge (DJN Leistungsabzeichen)

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    they also have a distinguished foriegners badge, and its the proper brown surround colour now if i can only find €2500

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    Hopefully Henrik will see this. As a Dane he may well have seen some original language documentation on these badges and might be able to add some numbers.

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    I don't know how many were awarded. But the badge is rare.

    The correct name is "Deutsche Jugendschaft Nordschleswig". They were a part of the German minority in Denmark, and not a part of the Danish nazi party or organisations.


    There's very little printed information on DJN, but some of their archives are held in the Danish National Archives in Aabenraa. And the German minority has their own museum in Soenderborg. So it might be possible to find some information. (Both cities Aabenraa and Soenderborg are in the southern part of Jutland/Denmark)

    This photo (September 1942) shows the badge beeing worn by a young Heer soldier.


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    Thanks for the additional info Henrik. Excellent photo by the way

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    Very neat photo of a little known badge in wear. Your collection of photos never dissapoints Henrik.

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    Excellent piece and also picture.

    There are a couple on sale both in Philipp Militaria and Weitze. The prices are really high, over 600 Euros.



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    Here's another from an old thread:
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    This DJN Leistungsabzeichen was sold in 2012 by Hermann-Historica.

    Note that it is decribed as "Leistungsabzeichen niederländischen DJ"


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