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    DJ Achievement badge #5797 no RZM markings - good or bad


    I am new on this forum and would like some opinions on this DJ Achievement badge.
    Thank you.


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    Welcome to the forum. There are a few of this type on the forum - all four digit award serial numbers and no RZM markings. What worries me about these badges is the discrepancy between the introduction date and lack of markings. This badge was instituted on 26.9.1935 so the question must be asked: why do these particular badges have no RZM markings when the introduction date falls inside the period of RZM control? Early HJ achievement badges (the hollow version) also have no RZM markings but the HJ badges were introduced in 1934 so it can be argued that this was the reason.

    More worrying than the RZM discrepancy is the existence of a second badge with the serial number 5797. Look at those flaws too:


    Alarm bells very loud now.

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    am sure JO will chime in but think it is obvious we have a serious problem here for reasons described

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    This has to be one of the fakes that was recently listed on a Swedish web site - in a pair - bronze and silver with the same number. Either that, or it`s the resurrection of 5797 again! There are so many of these "resurrections" going on lately, the Lazarus trick is starting to look pretty weak.

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    Where did you see/find this badge Harald?

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    Garry, i remember showing these fakes in April Here, but i see the original link to the items has since gone
    In any case, the numbers on these are cast with the actual badge and not hand stamped, so there will be more of them, just like the dreaded HJ 167513 that just wont die a normal death.

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    Ah, cheers Jo The one I used as a comparison was copied from a WAF thread too. It was in amongst a load of other HJ badges and everything got a thumbs-up. I saw the same type of badge get a thumbs-up on MFF too. You would think that someone on one of those forums would wonder about the lack of any RZM markings despite the introduction date - even if they weren't aware that there were other badges with the same serial number.

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    Well if they got a thumbs up at the waf, it`s happy days all around.
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    Welcome Harold!

    Hi Harold,

    Welcome to HJ-Research and our forum. As Garry mentioned, there is posted information on just about if not every subject and category of DJ/HJ/BDM collecting. Sections on known copies, history on youth organisations, RZM lists, and just incredible loads of research. The answers to your questions. WOW! I would encourage you to "dig right in" and be enlightened on all of the outstanding information available to you. If you have problems navigating about, there are "how to do's" available too. But by no means stop asking questions or chiming in on a topic. That is how we learn. I joined last fall and continue to learn every day. Consider though researching the categories as has been suggested because the answers are almost always there. If you get stuck, ask! We have moderators who specialise in certain areas, as well as many other forum members.

    Because you are one of our newest members, I would like to elaborate a little on commentary you may have found offensive, Harold. I couldn't agree more with Joe about "keeping it clean." Mudslinging, inappropriate language and salty subject matter violates our forum protocol. The threads following yours is actually the exception rather than the rule. No one is perfect, and sometimes we get over excited and comment over steps the way we wish to present ourselves to the world. Jo is one of the most learned men I know and a good friend. These guys were clowning around a bit, and boys will be boys!

    With kindest regards,
    Dan Kelley

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    According to my book I bought it on 9 January 2003 with a lot of other HJ and DJ metal insignia. All the other stuff was original I think and is sold except this badge and a shooting badge that I have put on this forum.

    And thank you Dan Kelley for your kind words.

    Best regards

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