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    Many thanks for posting this information Garry. I have a pic of the knife presentation to DJ boys. It's the only pic I've seen of this ceremony, so would love to see some more. It's actually taken from a documentary on the Hitler Youth and it looks like the boys are being presented with the cross-strap as well as the HJ knife.


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    Great information garry, they really put the youngsters through it...

    Cheers steve

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    They definitely did Steve :)

    Nice pic Russ. Yes, these regulations seem to differ slightly depending on the source.
    Verordnungsblatt IV/26 from Oct 1936 shows the list as Knife, membership badge and shoulder strap. A 1938 Gebietsbefehl from Ruhr-Niederrhein shows the reward as being HJ knife, HJ badge and sleeve rune. However, just a few paragraphs later in that same Gebiet order the list is given as "HJ knife, HJ membership badge and shoulder strap". The Dienstvorschrift der Hitler-Jugend dated 1.2.1938 gives the list as knife, HJ badge and rune patch and I have seen another reference which includes the cross-strap as shown in your picture but which leaves out one of the other items.

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    Old thread I know but I just wanted to quickly add a little more info on the equivalent test for the

    Initially there was just one test called 'Jungmädelprobe' and this had to be completed within 6 months of joining the
    . Girls who had not yet passed the test were not permitted to wear the scarf and toggle.

    A second test - 'Jungmädel-Leistungsprobe' also existed and its purpose was to act as a preparatory qualification for the later award of the BDM achievement badge once the girls moved from the
    to the BDM. The 'Jungmädel-Leistungsprobe' had to be completed at age 12/13.

    More information at the link:

    Jungmädelprobe, Jungmädel-Leistungsprobe and
    Achievement badge

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