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    Für Leistungen in der DJN - is this badge the real deal?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if this badge is real or a copy? the other badges I have seen on the net has a kind of "circle" under the needle, and the letters are a bit different, especially the F is a bit different on this one.

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    Hello Bongo, and welcome to the circus.
    Yes, i have laid an eye or two on this badge at Phillip Militaria for a few years now, and always come back to it for a long hard gander.
    The pin plate you are referring too, as can be seen on the Herman Historica one, is not seen on this one, BUT, even the one at HH was soldered down the length of the pin as this one is.
    The only thing i can tell you, is that this one at PM is definitely not made using the same obverse die as the one at HH was. The letter T is the dead giveaway, overlapping on one version and not on the other, apart from many other small faults.

    So where are we? nobody knows much about them or has a "collection" of them, so is the Herman Historica one genuine? well they have sold lots of rubbish before, and in fact at every auction of theirs you will find repro and fakes being sold as genuine, so the name Herman Historica is no guarantee that the item is an original. Although i must admit that the one at HH does look how i would personally expect a badge like this to look - construction-material-silverwash-usage-patina etc.... there is something about the one you posted, at Phillip Militaria, that i just dont like. Many others too i guess, hence it being for sale, a good few hundred under value, and nobody buying it yet! BUT, i dont have it in hand, and dont know who made these foreign awards, so it is possible that there was more than 1 maker, hence different dies, and maybe this one has just lost all it`s silverwash? who knows?

    But, my gut feeling has always steered me away from buying this one... €600.- is a lot of lolly to shell out on something that is obscure and hard to research as these are imho.
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    I have seen others on the net, and they also had the "circle" under the pin, just like the one on HH.

    But besides from that, this one looks old and could be real?

    anyway it is strange why these badges arent maker marked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongo View Post

    anyway it is strange why these badges aren't maker marked.
    Not really, many were not, including high awards like the Golden Party Badge. And when it comes to foreign awards and badges, lots of these have no makers details on them. That would not be the deciding factor for me. I would need to have it in-hand before i committed to buy. (and would need to know a little more about them as well)

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    DJN was the youth organisation of the German minority i Denmark. The minority has a museum in Sønderborg near the Danish-German border: Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig, Rønhaveplads 12, DK-6400 Sønderborg, Denmark.

    I don't know if they have any of the DJN badges, but an inquiry might give some information or photos of original badges.

    side2.1 (English)

    Deutsches Museum Nordscleswig (German)

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