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    THANKS missed that thread. Is this what you believe JO ?

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    Well there has to be some reason why they are voided like this? Garry said something about reading this somewhere.... i wonder if they were voided, then returned to the guy? and also why only these were Voided? i dont know of any other numbered badge/award that were retracted then Voided? only seen this before on ID documents, and of course Badges that were the property of the
    , like the SSFM badges and IDs that had the old number carved out, and a new one engraved... cant really say i have any experience with these voided ones at all. Maybe voided, then given to others as a replacement badge? no idea......

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    I should have done it on the original thread but I will try to find that reference I read.

    Edit: Still looking. I've found plenty of references which show that badges were to be returned to the
    in cases where members had been subject to disciplinary action but that exact reference which said that the numbers were to be defaced is proving very elusive. I'll keep looking though.

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