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    HJ achievement badge black (Eisen) with bag. Opinions and advice needed

    Hi, kameraden.
    I have the opportunity of buying an iron achievement badge, but I have got some doubts. The pin and catch is broken. It comes with its bag, though.
    I think it is an original one. What do you think? Would you buy it in this condition? How much would you pay for it? Thanks a lot.

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    Yes genuine without a doubt. In this condition worth about 50 dollah - BUT.... to have a matching packet is actually very rare indeed. I wouldn't know what to suggest except to say that if it were mine, i would repair the badge. i`d pick up another original (but poor obverse condition, or converted) and take the attachment off, and replace it (properly) Then i`d keep it.

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    very nice badge eliko,shame about the pin

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    Thanks a lot, Jo and wingmann. Thanks for confirming it is a good one. This is what I thought. Good point: matching packet. Very bad point: broken pin. Well, Jo, I think the matching packet is also genuine. I suppose this increases the value, even though the pin is broken. By the way... who may be SO stupid as to break the pin of an item that is 70-80 years old?

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