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    HJ achievement badge (Leistungsabzeichen) in Bronze for review

    Greetings everyone, This is my first post (obviously) having 'stumbled' across this forum by chance. I really like what I see and it's very pleasing to know that there is a forum dedicated to HJ Can I get some opinions on this HJ Leistungsabzeichen in Bronze please? All comments and opinions are sincerely appreciated. Thanks and kind regards, Brett

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    Hello Lederhose , and welcome to the best forum on the internet conserning all aspects of the Hitlerjugend ... HJ , BDM , DJ and
    I am not an expert on badges , however a few members can give knowledgable/experanced answers to your questions . Give them a few days as we all have jobs and families as our first priorities .

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    Welcome to the HJ Forum. The badge looks pretty go to me, but I'm a cloth insignia guy. There are others here that can give you a more accurate assessment of it than I can.

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    Thanks very much guys, I've just upgraded to a full membership. I'll wait for the expert opinions. I'm really impressed with the forum so far and I'm looking forward to becoming an active, contributing member. Really good stuff Kind regards, Brett

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    Hi Brett, & welcome to the HJ forum. What you show is the "run of the mill" HJ achievement badge. It is original without question, but a standard one with a relatively high number, issued possibly around 1936/7. Nonetheless, it looks like it is in good condition, and going by the normal collectors market, i would value it at around U$D85-100.- depending on where you shop. Sorry if the wording "run of the mill" sound a tad negative, that`s just because i too collect these badges, but i go for the first versions, with low numbers in the 2 and three digit range. Saying that, i have seen your "even-later-even-more-run-of-the-even-older-mill" achievement badges, with 6 digit numbers up on dealers sites for U$D 145-200.- so i guess... beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Your avatar is a pic taken in early 1925 by H.Hoffmann, just before, or slightly after, Hitler restarted the
    . There was a series/strip of these made in the same room, with him in slightly diff. positions, they can be found in a book called "Hitlers Library" See him trying to blend in, trying to be a real "Münchner"
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    Welcome to the forum Brett. I agree with Jo. No problems at all with your badge. Good one.

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    Thanks Metallwarenfabrik, I appreciate your detailed and informative response. Very interesting. I have a real soft spot for these achievement badges, not sure what it is but I really like them (I go weak at the knees whenever I find one...) I only have a very small collection of them (3 silver, 1 bronze, 1 of each colour of the miniatures). I'll try to post them in the next few days and would really appreciate your expert verdict on whether they too are the real deal. This particular one that I've posted now is for sale on Weitze for 95 euro, although I wasn't sure of the exact value, my gut feeling was that it was a little high. Thanks for the valuation insight. I am going weak at the knees though and I'll probably buy it if it's still available. You mentioned that you personally go for numbers in the 2 and three digit range?If you don't mind me asking, where on Earth do you find such gems? This one I've posted, if I buy it, will be the lowest number I've got. Thanks also for the insight into my avatar, I had heard that he had posed for a series of photographs wearing Lederhosen but I wasn't aware of the details. I chose it because my surname is Lederhose and I think he looks pretty damn funny in shorts (all due respect). Bordering on ridiculous really Again mate, thanks for your help. @Garry-thank you for your warm welcome and for the confirmation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lederhose View Post
    .... I think he looks pretty damn funny in shorts
    Yes, funny to think that what was accepted propaganda i guess, around that time, would be looked at today like..well like adverts taken from a gay magazine. He probably started the lederhosen-show after he was released from Jail, and ran away into the mountains to write, and think, and do other things. Although photos of him in jail also show him leathered-up, so who knows, maybe he was a "leather" man all along. Goering looks much better in lederhosen, it was said that 400 cows needed to sacrifice their hides for his pants.
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    My God that changes everything, my avatar all of a sudden gives a whole new connotation. His poses definitely do show a certain femininity, especially the 2nd one of him leaning against the tree. My goodness! So much that we don't know, and may never. Goering in a pair of '400 cow lederhosen'? No wonder Hitler was a vegetarian, they obviously needed every spare cow possible for Hermann's summer wardrobe...

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    Yes, thats why the German cow became extinct and folk had to eat supplementary cow-powder-shakes. It is also why the HJ dagger scabbard strap was made from plastic, by the late 1930`s, all the cows were being worn by Hermann. Jokes aside, there is a small book written just after the war, about the things that were found in Goerings office desk, one of them was a monthly household food budget, the Goering household spent more on FAT in a month, that a soldier earned in 1 year!

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