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    Quote Originally Posted by bittaker View Post
    nice badges!!
    err, a question (maybe a silly one).
    how do you see the difference when the iron badge is "well used" compared to a silver bagde (which is obviously not the case here)?
    will the badge still somewhat have some blackish remnants?
    Hi Bittaker
    Toby does not visit this forum much, so i`ll try and answer this.
    The Eisen, or Iron term refers to the black color and not the material, but you will know this i am sure, and unless the badge has been converted from black to silver, which did happen by sanding, scraping all the black off the obverse.. you will always see remnants of black either in the numbers, around the pin plate, or on the obverse around the letters. The black cannot physically wear-off around parts that dont come into contact with person/clothes etc.. the only time that all the black will be missing, if if it is a converted black-to-silver.. and even then, there will always be some hints of black left. (the purpose of a conversion was to make the obverse look silver, and not to get every last drop of black off.)

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    is/was there a cupal version of the silver badge?
    i cannot transalte cupal?!!
    i am not that good in english (google cannot help me) : >)
    is cupal something like diamond?

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