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    JM Leistungsabzeichen achievement badge

    Jungmädel Leistungsabzeichen

    I got this nice piece recently. I think that it's original

    dieses schöne Stück habe ich letztens bekommen. Ich denke es ist original.
    gruß 0900

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    We have been discussing the introduction date of the Jungmädel achievement badge here and our information suggests very strongly that it was introduced between three and four years after the
    took control. With that in mind, the badge you show should not be marked just 'GES GESCH' but rather with
    M1/... Can you upload larger pictures please?

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    ich mache die nächsten Tage bessere Fotos.
    und M1 Markung ist auch drauf.
    Es handelt sich um ein M1/35

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    Excellent. I couldn't see the
    mark on the photo so good to hear that it is there. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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    nice pre 1942 original.

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    Hi nigel,

    Can you go into detail on what you mean by 'pre-1942' please?

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    never seen one with a ges gesch on the pin plate before, like garry said should not really be there

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    the jm badge is original,the low number means it was a early issue,i cant remember where i saw it but up untill 1942 so many thousand had been issued,i remember that your number would had been below this,mine has a high number so its post 1942,hope this helps.

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    Hello all

    Others M1/35 with Ges. Gesch to compare (with high numbers) :
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    mine is a m1/35 issue number 139527 and is not marked ges gesch on the pin plate,and my number is post 1942 as i remember when doing some research,i can only assume that as your number is higher then mine,and do to the war on both fronts they had the pin plates made by a manufacture who was not under rzm control,as i understand ges gesch was still in use, so that do to the war W&L had to purchase or have made some pin plates outside rzm control or they were left over stock and used as they were in short supply of material.

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