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    Miniature HJ silver achievement badge, good or fake?

    I'm looking at the two HJ Honour badge silver mini's on this site.

    The second one looks pretty fake but what about the first one?
    Has any one had dealings with this person before?

    Its always good to get a second and sometimes a third opinion on these things.

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    Wrong section Fin. I'll move your thread to the achievement badge section in a minute.

    To the mini though - all I can see is a stupid, unrealistic price-tag (and not just on the mini...) These silver minis are not rare and $30 would be a more appropriate price.

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    I might have to lay off the beer a bit

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    :) Actually the price he wants for the silver mini makes me think that he just slapped the wrong price tag on thinking it was a full-size badge.

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