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    More HJ Leistungsabzeichen for review...

    Hello again, I've been going through my collection of bits and pieces and would really appreciate some expert opinions on these proficiency badges. All comments and feedback are most welcome. Thanks and kind regards, Brett

    1) Bronze HJ achievement badge M1/36 #51599

    DSC03776.JPG DSC03778.JPG DSC03779.JPG

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    5) 6) & 7) Silver, Bronze & Black miniature HJ achievement badges by M1/101

    DSC03794.JPG DSC03795.JPG DSC03796.JPG

    DSC03797.JPG DSC03798.JPG DSC03799.JPG

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    I don't see any problems there Brett.

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    Thank you very much Garry. Kind regards, Brett

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    Nice originals. I was a bit "out" when i quoted a price on the previous thread, it seems that many dealers have opted for the "Bill Shea" price Guide to collectibles. Shea himself goes for the upper 100 dollah range, at just under $200.- for one, and good old Charlie Snyder shoots higher at between $200 and $300.- for these

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    Thanks Jo. Whoa those prices are a bit rich for me. I purchased all of these in the last 6 months and paid on average $75AUD to $100AUD. In my short time back in the hobby it never ceases to amaze me how many crooks are out there. Highway freakin' robbery Thanks for the info. Kind regards, Brett

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