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    Questions about a HJ Leistungabzeichen in Silver.

    Hi there,

    Back again with some questions about a HJ Leistungabzeichen in silver M1/63
    1. Is it a reproduction or not?
    2. Is the pin replaced?
    3. If the pin is replaced, what would it be worth?

    Thank you in advance!

    Greetings from Cas.

    18619985_1364095106977398_5497408485570136893_n.jpg 18582595_1364095980310644_2896583969217468925_n.jpg

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    Hi Cas

    I have a M1/63, but in bronze, see pic. - I also have M1/34 in silver, see pic. - I also have a black one, no pic.


    They all have the same round plate with needle. So I think that the needle on your badge is replaced, but I am not 100% sure.

    I can only say that I would not buy it, unless for at "good price". What a "good price" is, is up to you - and remember: an item is only worth, what a buyer want to pay.

    That was just m.h.o.


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