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    RZM marked JM proficiency badge

    Hi all,

    I recently picked up an entire HJ girls uniform grouping and it came with this "
    " pin. I noticed another thread on here with an identical pin and wanted to show this one. It is
    marked with "9050" on the back as well. Could someone kindly tell me the rarity of this pin and what exactly it was for?

    Here is a link to a pennant from the same grouping:


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    As you say, this is a
    proficiency or achievement badge. They were awarded to those Jungmädel who satisfactorily completed a series of sporting and ideological tasks. It was the last of the series of Hitler Youth achievement badges to be introduced. The Hitler Youth achievement badge in Eisen (black), bronze and in silver were introduced in 1934 along with the BDM achievement badges in bronze and silver. The DJ achievement badge followed in 1935 and then finally the
    badge was introduced in 1938. The
    badges, the HJ in black and the BDM silver are the most difficult of the series to find.

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    Hi Garry,

    Thank you for the information, I greatly appriciate it. I have the girls HJ identification documents and a bunch of other papers, I might have the award document too but I can't read german and am not sure what it looks like!

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    Very nice Stuart !


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