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    Question weird military style pin on a black Hitler Youth achievement badge

    Did the proficency badge ever have a thin pin that is hinged? It is similar to the set up on war badges. I have one where the hinge mount divides the serial number. The number seems to be partially covered by the hinge. The number 49 is clear then there appears to be a patially obscured 3. Then the hinge mount seems to cover one number or perhaps two. On the other side of the hinge mount there is an 8. The badge is marked M1/101 and
    . Also, the swastika is smaller than those on my other 3 badges. I am unable to post any pictures, Sorry. Thanks, Mike

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    Do you have a picture you can upload? The badges weren't issued with a pin like that but it could be a replacement pin. A picture would be necessary to be able to say more though.

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    If I can figure out how to post a picture, I will. Thanks, Mike

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    weird pin picture

    Heres my attempt at printing a picture
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    That helps Mike but the pic is too small at the mo. Can you upload a larger, sharper one?

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    All I have to work with is my scanner, but I'll try for a larger pic. Mike

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    Hi Mike. Try to scan the image, then use MS paint to resize it. That's sort of the best way if you don't have photoshop or something. Save it as a JPG when you are done resizing it. Hope that helps.

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    weird pin

    I hope this picture is better. If not, I'll have to do more research on how to get better pictures from my scanner. I'm not very computer literate. Thanks, Mike
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    Mike the picture is good. Looks like you got it figured out. I don't really know about the badge but this picture is much better. I'm sure Garry and Stu can give you an opinion.

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