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    Deutscher und Österreichischer Alpenverein with HJ?

    Just found an image in the photo albums here thats confusing somewhat. Does the abbreviation not stand for the German & Austrian Alpenverein ?

    Deutscher und Österreichischer Alpenverein

    Why is it adorned with a Hitler Youth badge??

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    never seen anything like this before looks like a fantasy piece similar to the ski badges the turn up all the time

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    I've seen this style badge around for years now. I don't know what it is, if it's good or not. They have been around long enough to have gotten some aging to them if they are a fantasy or copy.

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    Hi and i have no prof if it ok fake or fantasy the badge did comes frome a grouping from this guy

    _1050481.jpg _1050481.jpg

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    Hi and i have no proof of the id or this badge never seen one befor so i have no referns to go after

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    Well it cant have anything to do with the HJ, not just because the badge has clearly been added on much later over the bottom of the skis, (leaving a empty space under) but because of the name and the time period. They were a non political org, and had nothing to do with the HJ or
    . The Alpenverein badge is no doubt from the 1920s, and maybe the HJ badge is original too, but the two of them cant historically be together on this item.

    Seeing as they were a non polit. org, they were still active as normal right through the
    ban in Austria, and only changed the name to
    after the annexation. So considering the name change, the badge/award could even be as late as early 1938, but a connection with the HJ is not just far fetched, its not possible.

    There is no doubt that it was added by someone who did not know what the D&OE.A.V meant, otherwise they would not have added it.
    It`s bit of a shame really, because the badge collector i showed this badge too, says it`s quite a rare one as well, but now worthless because of the modification!

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    BUMP. An interesting thread on WAF this morning, and if i am reading it correctly, seems like it is saying that member Railhouse is not telling the truth about this badge, and that it did not come together with the group as he posted in post 4.
    WAF link â–º HJ Alpenverein Group Warning - Militaria Forums

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    very interesting indeed not a great advert for the forum going by this thread either

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    I was made aware of the situation with the Railhouse (Tomas) badge a couple of days ago in a PM from Davie. Absolutely not to the level of detail he put in the WAF post though. It was just an angry but vague statement about a badge belonging to Railhouse in the sports section and that it wasn't part of a set as Tomas had stated. That's all he said. He didn't send me a link to the thread and I couldn't find it so I asked him to get onto Tomas through PM to discuss it with him. He clearly didn't. He ignored my PM and decided instead to post on WAF and GMIC.

    He has been fully able to contact Railhouse the whole time but maintains that his main account was "banned". It is now but only since this afternoon after I saw the WAF outburst. I asked him to get in touch with Tomas two days ago.

    Have either of you guys been in touch with Tomas to give him the chance to respond? If not I'll PM him.

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    Well as far as the initial badge in post 1 goes, post 4 has no bearing on it`s authenticity or anything else, but i guess if a stink is being kicked up about this particular badge being directly linked to a konvolut or grouping that it never came from on ☻ other forums ☻ which does seem to be the case with this badge, then i guess it`s only correct to have that mentioned here for future reference, seeing as this is the original thread where that horrendous and possibly malicious comment was first mentioned, a comment directly linking a small badge that has been willfully manipulated in order to confuse and squeeze more collectors dollah`s out of the hands of those who `collect`A small, trivial, and possible slip of the tongue comment made by the buyer in post four, fueled by the rage of a banned poster, has nearly turned into World War 3.

    This could be the scoop of the year you know:
    "Badge that was once said to have come from an irrelevant, unknown, unimportant and obscure lot â–¬ consisting of no more than an ID and a small enamel badge â–¬ now revealed to possibly not have come from that small, irrelevant, unknown, unimportant and obscure lot â–¬ consisting of no more than an ID and a small enamel badge!"

    Dont know about you lot, but i`m getting chills up my spine & my toes have curled up.
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