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    HJ Golden Leader plus mini

    Here are mine to add to the others:

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    lovely set gar

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    love to see such beauties. congratulations

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    verry nice set


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    Absolutely beautifull Garry.

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    You have a great set Garry,georgous badges for sure.This is one of those instances where I could just kick myself.I had the chance to buy a set like these in the early 80's and passed to buy another rare badge instead.Later in the month the dealer still had the set and offered it to me and I still passedBrain cramp,stupidity or I am just a moron take your pick.

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    Wally, don't feel too bad. It seems just when something falls through or I miss out on something, another great thing turns up. I passed on a Gefolgschaftsfahne one day, only to be offered the pride of my collection the very next day!

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    This is a really old Thread, but still an excellent pair. When do you think this badge was awarded?

    I think you sold them, right? Still, lucky the person who got them. It is a really nice badge. No doubt.

    Best Regards


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    I still have them Antonio :) The large badge is very likely to have been awarded during 1941, possibly early 1942

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