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    HJ golden leader sports badge (HJ-Führersportabzeichen) in original box and with the presentation book

    thought i would share this boxed HJ Golden leader badge set and presentation document with other collectors

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    HJ golden badge

    more pictures
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    What a set! Neat to see one that's awarded to a DJ Leader also. I can't collect badges due to lack of knowledge and budget, but wow this set is fantastic, thanks for showing.

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    Welcome to the forum Mike. That is a great set.

    Great to see the case too. As you probably know, this badge was the cause of some confusion when it was first awarded as the wearers were unsure whether it constituted a higher or lower award than the HJ silver achievement badge (this is mentioned in period regulatiions). A decision was later made which upgraded the Golden Leader from sports badge to achievement badge and this would explain the difference between your box and the box shown here:

    Yours must be the initial issue and the other case the 'post-decision' version. Not that it makes a jot of difference to the importance of your set of course!

    Great to see. Many thanks for showing it.

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    brilliant set thanks for showing

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    OUTSTANDING when the serialized award still survives with all the documentation and issue box as well certainly enhances the value several times


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    Very rare to find them with the matching award booklet, let alone the carton.

    Thanks for posting, Mike.

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    My lack of knowledge on badges is stunning but that set is fantastic


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    That is one amazing set never saw the booklet before that goes with it

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    That is fantastic!!:drool:

    Congratulations on that piece and thanks for posting it.


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