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    HJ Golden Leader sports badge (HJ-Führersportabzeichen) - qualification criteria

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    When the Golden Leader Sports badge was introduced there was confusion as to its relationship to the HJ achievement badge in silver (this badge was the prerequisite for the award of the golden leader badge and was the highest achievement award). Holders of the Golden Leader badge were unsure how to wear the new badge and often wore both on the right breast pocket or they moved the HJ silver over to the left pocket and wore the gold on the right or they stopped wearing the HJ silver altogether.

    It was decided in 1939 that the Golden Leader badge would be aligned officially with the HJ achievement badges and that it would rank above the HJ achievement badge in silver. Once achieved, the Golden Leader replaced the HJ in silver on the right breast pocket.

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    thanks gar great info

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    There was some stuff I didn't know there. Thankyou. Only 15 thousand makes it pretty darn rare.

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    you would think so , yet you can regularly pick them up there are other awards that where produced in much higher amounts that are very hard to find weird

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    Additional info has been added to first and second posts.

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    there must be master lists in the archives for this award. They found lists for shooting medals a couple years ago

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    There probably is Paul. The Germans were pretty meticulous about documentation. I would not be surprised to see a list turn up someday.

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    Führer-Sportabzeichen der Hitlerjugend - Sports Badge for Leaders in the HJ.

    Allthough there is nothing new in this article by Klaus D. Patzwall, I thought that it would be of interest (From Militaria, vol. 1, number 2, March-April 2000).

    This file has been uploaded for research purposes. Please do not distribute it over the internet. Thank you.

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