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    great bit of info thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by WARLORD View Post
    ......The specific criteria for award of the badge are unknown but it is probable that some form of rigid alpine skiing test was undertaken to earn the award. This could also have encompassed first aid and other leadership qualities. The date of institution is unknown but the badge is shown in an HJ manual for 1934, which describes it as being for the HJ, BDM and
    . It is most probable that this was given as a mark of qualification upon passing their tests prior to becoming recognised instructors in those organisations. It must therefore be considered in this light rather than an actual award. When awarded the HJ Ski Leader’s Badge was presented in a fitted case with press-stud button. The colour of the case and liner are not known. The citation that accompanied the award is also not unknown, as is the length of time this very rare badge was in being.
    Toby posted a cased example a while back here if you'd like a peek at the case and lining.

    I agree with you. For me this badge is a qualification badge and not an award. As far as finding the qualification requirements is concerned I think that a good candidate may well be documents/publications from the
    . I had a sneaking suspicion that these badges were not actually worn by the HJ but rather by
    ski leaders involved in Hitler Youth alpine training but your 1934 manual would seem to contradict that. Do you have any scans you could show from it?

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    Thank you Garry, pleased to hopefully be of use. Moving on with this award, it seems there are other copies being made. I was not able to see the link to Tobbys post, but think it might be a badge like this. This badge is extreemly good, but the die is not as the original. Many very slight differences. Also the patination is quite different and of a darker grey. As the award, produced or sold, by the two firms is identical. This has to be conjoined by the fact that so few were produced, with these things in mind, then the need for another die is extreemly unlikly.

    I have added the scan of an original, sorry that it is not as clear as I would like, my print ones are too large to add, but I am sure it will illistrate the points I have raised.

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    Ah yes, here's the pic I mentioned:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thank you. It is very difficult from the picture to be certain. However the patination seems good. It would be helpful to have a close up of the badge, obverse and reverse.

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    Hopefully Toby will see the thread as he may well have more images saved.

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