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    Victor's Badge in the National Sports Competition

    I have only seen 2 or 3 of these before, and none looked like this?? is this worth $1500.- ? looks brand spankers to me??
    On this site, direct pic link here, pics below.

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    looks like crap from where im looking, theres no detail there at all compared to others i have seen

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    it sold for $1500.- !!!!!!! man, its brand new, looks like a mix of tin & plastic.. everything is wrong..... Morigi would be proud, a tidy profit......

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    I have 6 of these in my collection, one being the 1941 example in gold. If this is meant to be a gold example it should be gilded which this one appear only to be gold coloured metal. Also all examples I have, have the same maker mark on the back and this has none. Also all my pins are knurled and this example does not have that. A number of other smaller details don't look correct either -- all those pronounced dots should not be there and the "4" is very differently shaped than legitimate example. All this said, if this is a reproduction it is the best I have seen!

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    Hm i think this one fake i have 4 differnt with the same manufactur and thy all have the knurled and yes this one looks like mix of platic and tin

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