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    100 Tinnies Club

    Hi all,

    Well finally I got 100 tinnies. But being honest to you, 3 of them under "study". But, still, 100 tinnies related to the HJ.

    Hopefully more to come!!!



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    And the last 3 Tries.


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    nice collection its starting to get large

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    Congratulations on reaching 100 Antonio. A nice milestone in your collection.

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    It is, maybe, a really small milestone in collection, but really important to me.

    Thanks Railhouse and Darin, the 101 is almost "on the way". Thanks Darin, since I started in the forum at the ned of 2008 (old, old forum), you have been always nice, helpful and have supported me. And, back them (and now) a "Recrute", was really important.

    Railhouse have given me many Tinnies. Something that shows the kind of person he is. Also Zander gave me one, apart from a couple of things.

    And Paul has given me so many things, that i almost fell Canadian!!! I carry a Canadian flag everyday in my wallet!!!!!!

    Thanks FORUM!!



    PS: Yes, I have been drinking!!!

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    Wonderful collection


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    Well done Antiono i will have a beer to your next 100 well done looks great


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    Thanks everyone. So far 105 and soon (I will not find the fecking Flakhelferjacket) I will get more!! After my trip to Cuba in March.... I am back on business.

    Steve, you need Beer from Munich. YOU HAVE TO COME HERE, and taste the Great Beer. Having said that, the good British Ale is also good. The Scotts have a nice one, Innis & Gunn, with Vanille and Toffee that goes pretty well, 6,6%. It is fecking dangerous.



    PS: Spring comes and with it, The Strong Beer festivals. God exists.... and produces beer!!!

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    well done antonio, it doesn not seem that long ago that you where only starting your collection, you have done really well and im sure it will bw 200 before you know it lol

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