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    1937 1938 Reichskampf Reichsberufswettkampf badges

    I've been offered a 1937 and 1938 tinnie, or award, not sure which. Any thoughts on these? How heavily have they been reproduced? Vaue range?

    Not the best pics, but all that I currently have...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Doug, here's a thread with some great examples from Stu's collection. Study these and then take a close look at the one's you are considering.

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    look good from the pics provided how much does he want for them

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    The price given at the "first pass" was $600 for both the 1937 and 1938 together, as a "pair."

    I think I could get them for more like $400 or so.

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    These badges come from a small collection that I'm looking at....
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    Some good items, some items that are not so good.

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    Just pick through and choose carefully, you should do alright. There's a few to avoid there, but some nice looking ones as well. It's typical with older collections like this.

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    There's a lot of money spread out there :eek: Yes, there are some items in there which are not good Douglas and there are others which obviously would need a closer look but there's potentially a lot of very nice items in there.

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    can only agree with what others have said , the seller obviously knows what he has as the asking price of $600 is about right for these badges , lots of nice stuff lots of bad fantasy items before you commit to anything get more pics.

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    I believe from some email corespondence that Doug has actually seen these items in person. He just does not really know HJ stuff so well, that's why he's seeking help.

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