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    Gefolgschaft is correct. I have never been an HJ collector per se, but in locating this collection, I have suddenly become very intrigued and hope to learn a lot more about HJ history and accoutrements and unifroms.

    My particular concern is recognizing items that may be fake/fantasy, and in vlaue ranges. I'm mediocre in both areas.

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    If you decide to buy them you should go for the 1939 badge as well,
    they look to be good, but you need better pics to be sure. I would
    avoid the enamel ones especially the ski badges, good and bad there
    be careful.

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    if the guy is selling and theres stuff there you dont want im sure some memers here would like the option

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    I'm supposed to see the guy again tomorrow night, if I can get out of work early. Problem is, I can't put out the kind of upfront money that he is wanting for everything. I'd like to ask him if he would allow me to eStand his entire collection (seleceting a few things for myself, of course!) It will eventually end up in the hands of a dealer. Just trying to pick and choose right now.

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    Well Doug, if you need someone to buy the
    straps, let me know. :tongue_smilie:

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    yep there is possibly some nice stuff there, but better pics would be needed

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