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    2.Großwasserfahrt der westfälischen Marine-HJ Tinnie

    here are pictures of my new tinnie from this "Großwasserfahrt", I also got a postcard from this event.
    I think this tinnie is very rare, only the leader got this tinnie.
    Best Regards

    See also here:

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    Very nice Alois. I see that you also have the pages from "Unsere Fahne" to round everything off. Tinnies are great but when you have related items like yours to show the full story behind the event it's even better. Congrats!

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    1. Großwasserfahrt der westfälischen Marine-HJ 1937

    Thank you Garry.
    In the www I found also pictures from the first Großwasserfahrt 1937.
    Here they are.
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