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    Adolf Hitler Marsch der HJ zum Reichsparteitag badges 1936 and 1938

    Up until now, I managed to get my hands on two of these badges (1936 & 1938).
    Altough these rally's were organized each year, It seems to me those badges are really hard to find,
    or am I looking at the wrong places?
    Has anybody seen some on display and for purchase?
    I most definitely want one from the year 1935 (I think was the first to be made?)so I can build a projekt around them with other HJ items around the theme of the "Reichsparteitag at Nürnberg" seen from a HJ point of vieu.

    I've enclosed pics of the two in my collection (front and back)

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    These are nice and scarce , I hope someday to obtain one . Does anyone know when the last Adolf Hitler March was ?

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    hi nice one i have them all but they are realy hard to find a they are expensive

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    You have them ALL.
    How many are there?
    All Info is welcome.

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    I've already seen in the past the one for the year 1939.
    Unfortanetely somebody was ahead of me for the purchase.
    So I can definetely confirm 1939, later than that, I do not know??

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    Hi the adolf hitler march i think they all are from nurnberg 1935-1939 but ther are more koln 1933 wien-budapest 1939 rom-berlin 1939 and i think ther are more but this one i have regards tomas

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    I'm only (at least at present time) in the "Nürnberg" ones interested. Since I would like to build a theme around the HJ anual rally in regards to the "Reichsparteitag".
    And yes, I would include the disputed commemorativ knife (Reichsparteitag 1935) into this projekt. For some an original, to others an after the war manufactured prop.
    I personally love this knife and as such I'm thinking, when I do encounter it again (from time to time one pops-up) to purchase it, that is,... if the price is not too excessive.
    In the meantime I'm trying to get my hands on these badges, snapshots and documents of all sorts in regards to the reichsparteitag and HJ/ BDM.
    I think it will take a while to complete this projekt but ones finished, pics will definitely be posted on this forum.

    So to all of you guys out there, should you comme across something what is related to this, be free to give me a hint.

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    The 'Adolf-Hitler-Marsch' was instituted by HJ Stabsführer Lauterbacher in 1936. Prior to this there had been marches by the Berlin HJ (1929) and the HJ Banne in Schlesien (1934 and 1935 under HJ Gebietsführer Altendorf) but these were not national events so 'Adolf Hitler Marsch' badges will only be around for the years 1936, 37, 38 and 39. The 1939 AH Marsch was started but not finished due to the attack on Poland.

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    hi i think weitze have a doc with info about 1935 reichsparteitag march

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    Hi Tomas,

    In his autobiography Lauterbacher says that the Adolf Hitler Marsch was instituted (by him) as a national event in 1936 due to the success of the earlier autonomous marches as mentioned above so I've always taken that at face value but yes, what he says is clearly at odds with those documents you mentioned and actually when I checked just now it's also at odds with Kaufmann's 'Das kommende Deutschland' which states that there was a nationally organised AH march in 1935. So, confirmed

    I haven't seen a tinnie for the 1935 march though. Is your set on the forum somewhere?

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