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    hi i dont think i have the picture one the forum i will take a new one

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    i had one but sold it awhile ago they are lovely badges, to be honest they are too heavy to be really classed as a tinnie, more like a coin

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    Hitler-Jugend Marschiert Köln 14-15 10 1933

    Is this the same event?

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    In particular to Joecool,
    to lett you know,
    should you still be interested, (besides the availability of a "Adolf Hitler Marsch document for 1935") there is a badge for the year 1938 available on the site of Weitze.
    Looks not to bad.

    It is prized at 160€.

    I just have located a badge for the year 1935, Yep that's right 1935. So hereby it is not only confirmed in a biography but the badge does exist.
    Will later on post pics ones in my possession.
    So keep on the look out.

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    His autobiography is wrong. The other book I mentioned was written during the period so for Lauterbacher it looks to have been a case of his memory failing him. Happens to all of us I suppose

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    yep, that can happen when one gets a bit older

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    Just as final confirmation on this I found the relevant entry in the RJF Verordnungsblatt dated 14th of March 1935. This entry announces the inaugural "Adolf Hitler March" for September 1935 to coincide with the RPT. Bannführer Heil of the RJF Organisationsamt was tasked with preparations. In subsequent issues of the Verordnungsblatt they discuss routes, group sizes, accommodation, equipment etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianmc View Post

    Hitler-Jugend Marschiert, Köln 14-15 10 1933

    Is this the same event?

    Hi Brian,

    No, this isn't connected with the Adolf Hitler Marsch. The date on the Köln badge marked the dates of two large rallies, one BdM and one HJ. These were the main events in something called the 'Werbewoche'. These were held by Hitler Youth formations all over Germany at irregular intervals in the early days and were designed to attract new members to the Hitler Youth movement. Here is a page showing more details on the Werbewoche for your badge.

    Just going to the other extreme with these marches to the RPT: I found a really early mention in a 1938 book showing that 5 HJ members from Hannover marched down to Nürnberg for the 1929 RPT and made it in time for the start of the event

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