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    DJH Stahleck and a little bit of DJH

    Hi all,

    I believe the DJH produced amazing Tinnies during the III Reich period. We know how beautiful is the Hamburg Hein Godenwind 1934. Even the basic 1937 has a couple of really nice versions. Talking about the this one, I guess it is so common and well produced because it is related to the objective of the HJ in that year, Jahr der Heimbeschaffung or the year of the home. But this is only what I think. Please don't take it as "official".

    In the DJH field, we find Tinnies with no Swastikas, something common in the DJH if we see also the Membership IDs with their lack of Swastikas, so it is not a surprise to see what I commented at the beginning. And we are talking about an organization which in October 1933 was taken under control of the Reichsjugendführung (Youth led by Youth, volumen 3, Page 7).

    But I would like to talk about the Tinnies related the Jugendherberge - Castle Stahleck. This is a castle just at the Rhein River and located just 50 Kms south Koblenz in Bacharach, so it could be located in Gebiet Westmark (258), I am not sure because it is just 52 Kms west from Wiesbaden, that is Bann 80, Gebiet 13 Hessen Nassau. I may need help from you in this case.

    So as usual back then, we have another castle converted to a Youth Hostel, like, for example Hohnstein . As we all know, these Jugendherbergen were key instruments for then indoctrination of the kids. They were offered trips and marches and, very important they were not in the Family environment, so they could be better "influenced". In the first chapter from "Hitler's Children" by Guido Knopp, we have the testimony of a kid which said that they hardly had any holidays at all, so these marches, these "Lager", etc. were really popular between, so it is clear to see the importance of this institution in the HJ life.

    But back to the Tinnies, I will present now 2 dedicated to the castle (which you also see attached).

    The first one celebrates the 25 anniversary of the DJH Jugendherberge as association(?). But looking at the history of the association, the first DJH was open in 1912 in Altena castle. Still, we can see the Stahleck castle in the Tinnie, mentioning, of course, the area where it is located, The Rheinland with its nice people. This one was a gift from Paul.

    The second is made from Zinc, as you can see (mine is "sick", as you can also see), it has a lovely design. It was made also in Aluminum (?) as we can see in the link below. Also see in the link below the nice Tinnies from Bronydd.
    DJH bits

    If you have other DJH Stahleck Tinnies, please do not hesitate to post them here.

    Also, if you have anything to be discussed, or more important, correction to what I said, it would be more than appreciate if you tell them here, so we all could learn, which, at the end of the day, is the objective of what I wrote.

    Take care guys.

    Best Regards


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