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    okay two with that pin smacks of fakes imo. Jo do you have the URL of that guy in POLAND who is doing the fake tinnies and other junk ?

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    What Polish person would do such a ghastly thing Paul. Show me this man now and i`ll have words with him!
    No, no link.. maybe someone else?

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    HJ Für des Führer's Jugend Tagungsabzeichen

    I have come up empty on what this badge is all about. Looking at it objectively, it appears to me to be a propaganda badge. Sunshine, tents, HJ flag, etc. I did find another variation of this badge on Weitze's site for 65 Euros. Looks like those horizontal pins could pop right off as well.


    Admin Edit: pic added

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    Duff link there Dan...


    On 321 there are also "other" versions, vertical pins, horrorzontal pins, shiny pins... fishy pins, smelly pins.. pins galore!!
    Could be the scarce HJ Alte Tent-Guard badge, believed to be a myth...until now?


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    Yay the vertical soldered pin is same as mine smelly for sure

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    Duff link, indeed Jo. It worked before I submitted it. The example is the same as your first example above Paul's thread. Pins galore for sure. There are two variations of the badge design. Never been up to anything quite like this. I went through the North American dealers and didn't find a one! There are two identical obverse except for the grass above the signature line and below it where the HJ emblem is. Ho hum.

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    ya also went through all the N AMERICAN sites and found nary a one of these

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    Für des Führer's Jugend Tagungsabzeichen

    I was digging in WAF the other day and found this thread of interest.

    What do you think?

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    I'm stumped! With the thread I posted from WAF, what thinks you now?

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    Yes, the medal pin attachment is inappropriate for a tinnie but for me the overriding questions are: what was this badge commemorating, what was it for?

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