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    Für des Füher's Jugend Tagungsabzeichen

    Another example of this unknown tinnie. No one seems to know where it has come from or what its purpose was. There are two die variations, two finish variations, two, maybe three sheet metal variations, and more pin variations than I care to count. They are found to be common in Germany, but not so much in the U.S. I have one.

    For sake of research it would be interesting to learn how many forum members have this badge in their collections.


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    I do have one, but can not remember where it came from , but most likely Europe

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    Thank you Paul. Eventually with help we can pin this baby down, eh?


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    The slogan implies a kind of donation i would think, maybe sold on a "Jugendtag" or such, theoretically it is not a HJ tinnie, as the slogan applies to HJ,DJ,
    ,BDM - for the Führers young`ns

    But thats just me thinking aloud about the slogan, i wouldn't know about the young`ns tinnies, but, what about the
    -Schütze tinnie? a complete fantasy invention, not seen often at all and found in many finishes as well as with or without
    -ϟϟ markings. That fake ϟϟ tinnie is also found for sale in the 1973 WW2 Ltd. catalog, so fake and fantasy tinnies have been around for a good 40 years at least...... just saying, some grub-4-thought.

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