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    Fantastic!!! good old Cruzifi?

    It is a really nice one. CONGRATULATIONS RAILHOUSE.



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    hi no i think this one is from usa dealer and i have 2-3 more from this dealer that are on the way

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    Excellent, Excellent. It would be great to see all your Tinnies together.

    Be honest, by now, you should be at least in the top 3 collectors with more HJ Tinnies, right?



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    Hi i dont know i think ther are some collecter that whe never see on internet that have large collections i think i have about 450 tinnies related to HJ dj bdm djh and ther are a lot of other tinnies in the tiestes books (and i have about 20 that nott are in his book) so i hope that i lives atleast to 60 then i maybe have them all

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    very nice and rare tinnie. I am blown away with your numbers on HJ related tinnies never thought there where that many and I have all TIESTES books no problems with something to do for the next few years then

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    Hi paul and thanks the problem with the tieste books is that every time i going thru them i find new HJ tinnies

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