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    Help to Identify a Maker Mark

    Hi, I picked up some more tinnies last week and I am struggling to identify what appears to be a maker mark on a 1938 HJ pressed cardboard badge. Trying to get a good photo is proving equally difficult and several hours of research have so far been fruitless. The mark comprises the letters M and H on either side of what could be a stylised tree or possibly a cross with flags flying from it, all set in an oval border. Can anyone assist please? Many Thanks, Nick

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    I've come up blank on this one too Nick. Is the mark on your tinnie the same as this one? I asked Jo Rivett about this and he hasn't seen it before.

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    P1030917 (3).JPG

    Finally managed to take a half way decent photo. This is on a 1938 HJ pressed paper badge. I have today received some Jugendherberge pressed paper badges and the same mark appears on four of those also but none are any clearer than this! The photo is actually upside down as easier to see that way although obviously I could be mistaken and it is HW and not MH!
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