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    HJ Gebiet 9 Westfalen

    Hola amigos,

    So after a couple of months of not much activity (Im still alive), I would like to show you my only Tinnie. A lovely (common) metallic gebiet 9 (Westfallen) one.

    Please note there are 4 of this type, 3 in plastic in Red (I never saw any available), white and silver and 1 more made in metal.

    You can see the 4 of them in the Tinnie Database, courtesy of the Master and Commander in Tinnes, Collect100.



    PS: I will continue with me Tinnes hunt.. BUT, after my visit to Sued Tirol, I want to get a few Austrohungarian medals (not so expensive)

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    Congrats Antonio. Good to see you continuing on with the tinnies.

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    Thanks Darin!!

    One question that you may know. Do you know, by any chance, what represent this eagle in the HJ, why the Hammer?

    Without any doubt, it is one of the most impressive symbols of the HJ.

    Best Regards


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    About the eagle, I have read the hammer and sword represent national socialism in the same way the hammer and sycle represnt communism. I don't recall where I read that but it was in one of my reference books. This eagle was reserved for the Bannfahne and Jungbannfahne so it must have been a highly important symbol to the HJ.

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    I just bought the white version of this serie, in plastic. Meaning that I have completed the serie. I am just delighted.

    The desing of this tinnie is not original, we know that, but, still in hand, it is a lovely and impressive Tinnie.

    Now, I will leave you with a lovely picture of the 3 of them. They belong to the collection of Mr. Collect100.

    by the way, have a look at the Tinnie Database to enjoy amazing and really difficult to se tinnes.


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    Finally, I got the third one from the Trilogy, the white one.

    As I said, the design is not original, but the Tinnie itself is just really beautiful.

    So now, the family is complete.


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    Period scan of the Westfalen badge being worn .
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    Really very nice Antonio - excellent quality too

    My Best


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    Excellent JOE!!! Great to see those tinnies on wear.

    It is NOT an original design, having said that, the Tinnie is ust gorgeous!



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