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    HJ Nürnberg 1935 Tinnie?

    Hi All,

    I am just thinkint about the famous quote from Hitler in Nürnberg in 1935.

    "Was wir von unserer deutschen Jugend wünschen, ist etwas anderes, als es die Vergangenheit gewünscht hat. In unseren Augen, da muss der deutsche Junge der Zukunft schlank und rank sein, flink wie Windhunde, zäh wie Leder und hart wie Kruppstahl. "

    And suddenly thought, what Tinnie was given then?

    Maybe I am "out of form", but do we have a picture of aa Tinnie from that Event?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


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    I can't help with the tinnie Antonio but that famous quote was recycled by Hitler. I'll try and find the reference (I think I saw it in an early copy of the Hitler-Jugend-Zeitung) and will post it but it was a few years before that 1935 speech.

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