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    HJ Potsdam 1932- HELP :D

    Ive been offered this badge. Ive seen others like this with the logo at the bottom but most badge have the logo on the left and right hand side. Please give me your honest opinion on this piece !
    Thanks all

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    When you look around there is huge variation with these badges. I don't know if you have read this: but many of the variations are there. We know from primary literature that the badge was still available from RZM outlets many years after the event (after the granting of honour status) but of those we see around today it's not an easy matter to say which are real and which are fake. Some are undoubtedly fake like the Morigi and the ugly cast rubbish sometimes seen on dodgy auction sites but it's certainly a badge that needs some time devoted to it. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but hopefully you will get more opinions.

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