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    Hochlandlager 1936

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    If someone is interested! Here is the link to the discussion in a German Forum (MFF)

    HJ Hochland Lager 1939 ??? - Militaria Fundforum

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    Just read through the thread Brian. Your 'Super-Mod' is being very complacent and lazy there. If all collectors thought the way he does we might as well just forget all about the history and just make sure we are 'happy'. I see some valid questions posed in the thread which he is simply ignoring because he can't be bothered to address them.

    Well, let's see what our guys think of these badges. I'll have a look at my stuff and will post here if I find anything.

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    Hi Garry
    I appreciate any help...
    mfg Brian

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    I think Railhouse may have the tinnie that the Hochland Lager badge was copied from in his collection.

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    The points raised by Brian are discussed further in the "Annoying Collectibles" thread on the Hochland 1936 badge

    Let's talk about the Hochlandlager 1936 badge

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    I have a theory about these serial-numbered 1936 Hochland badges: Let's talk about the Hochlandlager 1936 badge (towards the bottom of the post)

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    A book or pamphlet "Hochlandlager Wachvorschrift" was produced for guard personnel and those on such duties during the 1934 Hochlandlager. This mentions a badge that was produced by Gebiet 19 Hochland and given to visitors to the camp by gate personnel so that their arrival and time of leaving the area could be registered. Now, this does seem a perfectly good use for a Hochlandlager badge with a strange serial number roughly stamped onto it. A system that worked in 1934 is unlikely to have changed much two years later so perhaps the Hochlandlager 1936 badges with the serial numbers were held in the guard huts and issued to visitors for the duration of their stay in the camp. It makes perfect sense to me but without more evidence it remains a theory. Subsequent edit: the numbers of visitors in 1936 had to be restricted due to the increasing popularity of the Hochlandlager and this might answer the question of why there are serial-numbered badges around in the 5000 range.
    Garry? so you have a 1934 Hochlandlager badge with a number on it because this is what you are implying.

    Garry? You are implying that these were only made for single-useage, and had to be handed back when the visitor left?
    Meaning that each visitor would need to always wear a coat with a buttonhole.
    Meaning that some visitors took the badges home with them (unless all of the examples we have today were found in a Guards hut
    Meaning that the maker would have been told in advance to make only 5000, meaning that they knew in advance that there would be too many visitors.
    The underlined blue part, is because, well, i would like to see you take a badge like this, with no number, and then try to hand stamp numbers onto the obverse, without completely buckling the badge - meaning that the numbers were stamped on at the same time as it was being made.
    I know that AlexK at WAF made a stupid suggestion to this effect, but thats just a person talking without thinking, and with no hands-on knowledge of making badges. Nothing more, in fact once more, making a stupid comment without acknowledging the actual item! His pathetic: "Oh lad, would you like your number stamped on? ok, bam bam bam bam, there you go", can be shot down, burnt, then shot again, simply because the only badges with numbers on, are those on a button hole attachment, that WAS NOT USED BY GERMAN MANUFACTURERS ! Period, end of, and anyone who wished to prove me wrong, MUST do some research, acknowledge my research into this area, and let me know where i went wrong, a simple, pre-school retort with an idiotic opinion wont do, and in future will not get a reply from me. Thats my stance on these, if you cant bring any of your own, semi-decent research to this discussion, then keep the cake-hole buttoned up!

    Does not make sense at all.

    Altsilber, btw, is not a material, but rather only an "effect" that was added after the badge was made. This is explained in my book, and in period articles.

    Participants badge number? You will need to prove that participants even had, an individual number. If they did, then they also had an ID to go with the badge, it is that simple. (and then they did as well from 1934 to the last Hochlandlager in the war years - BDM included)
    Judges badge? Laughable and out of the question, a grabbing at straws theory.

    Yes Theories, and perhaps, and supposed, they have long taken precedence over actual factual research, so why not. I will stick to my moon theory, and say that each number referred to a specific docking station on Planet Gulu, thats right next to the moon btw.

    I will continue with these later, but for now, am not going to waste my time considering opinions and theories.

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    Mate, you're going too far now. You're taking the p##s. I offered a possible explanation for a roughly stamped number being on the smaller version of the Hochland badge based on information contained in a period source. I am NOT saying that these badges are therefore authentic. You might not like your enemies latching onto what I said as being "proof" for their position but you need to separate that battle from the search for information on these badges.

    I linked to the explanatory post in post #7. You might want to read it all.

    EDit: if you can prove that the buttonhole attachment is not TR then you will have nailed it and will sweep away all doubt about them. That is what they want to hear if I have interpreted the other thread correctly.

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    Enemies? me? perish the thought
    Nope, Theories and supposed this and that, and whatever else have you, is useless before some proper hands on research is done. And to be fair, your theory, is full of holes.
    A system that worked in 1934 is unlikely to have changed much two years later
    What system? what system worked 2 years prior? there was a numbering system on badges in 1934? because this is exactly what you have implied and roped in to your theory in support of it.
    I know you dont actually believe that, and we both know there was no numbering system in 1934, so i cant work out really why you even wrote it, or came up with that Theory in the first place.

    Shouldn't we try and find out IF these items even belong in the Third Reich before we start with the Theories?
    And you know why i replied like that, because it is true, all this crap about opinion and theory is edzackery why we have no-brainers like "It has been said that it was a judges badge, a participants badge, a moon badge..... "
    All it takes to add one more, the Guard in the hut handing badges to visitors theory, is what you just wrote. The limp biscuits of our hobby, (thats a good percentage) will cling to anything they can, so dont be surprised when you see this Camp Guard theory posted as fact in time to come.
    And, i always go too far - it usually brings the desired reaction - information - response

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