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    Actually Stu I think that if anything there would have way too few badges available over the two days of the rally when you consider that over 50,000 more came than had originally been catered for.

    Jo, I think that what is being said about the difference between silver (active participants) and bronze (spectator/non-active) in these various period sources was decided at a later date - not during the rally and not immediately after it either. I think that the reason for the early sources only showing one badge was because at that point it didn't matter which one people wore. Silver or bronze was irrelevant. The important thing was that they wore the Potsdam badge.

    Once it had been stipulated that the silver version was the official badge it would have been necessary to produce them in larger numbers but how large? If the decision was made shortly after the event then there would have been a requirement for a larger number. If the decision was made a few years later then of course the requirement would not have been so high because many of those who were at the rally in 1932 would no longer have been members of the HJ and therefore would not have had a HJ uniform to wear and to which they could pin the badge.

    It is clear from Schirach's autobiography that it would not have been possible to have compiled a record of exactly who took part in the rally actively other than the those participants who registered their intent to attend prior to the event. We know from Schirach himself that tens of thousands did so but the remainder did not. This is something that he would have had to consider when placing the order for the silver badges once he had designated it as the official honour badge. As I mentioned in another post, the regulation which shows the differentiation between silver and bronze also mentions that there was still no system (in May 1937) for ascertaining who was eligible to wear the badge so it remains unclear just how many silver badges were ordered and when.

    I think that finding the answer to this conundrum will be greatly accelerated by finding the regulation which first explicitly states that the silver badge was the honour badge.

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    Hi All,

    Well, just checking again the book “Youth led by Youth”, from Philip Baker, Volume 1, in the last part of it, it shows pages from the Book: “Uniformen der HJ, Vorschirft und Vorbild” (Diepenboick=Grüter & Schulz, 1933) published in 1933.

    In page 2 from this book, we can see numerous insignia from the HJ and, also the Potsdam badge, represented in Silver. As you can see in the rest of the drawings, it shows the “normal” insignia associated to the HJ.

    I don’t know if it means something or not, but I don’t think that this insignia is shown as “special”, but just as normal as the rest of the insignia taken.

    Could it mean that it was carried in the event for more people than just for a few?


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    I think so....!

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    No chaps, the badge is being shown because it was an honour badge.

    What would be great is if we could establish exactly when the change to honour badge status took place and whether that regulation/order stipulated that silver was the honour badge at that stage.

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    Hi All,

    Well, I found a little bit more information about the Badge. En el Organizationsbuch der
    published in 1937 (Zentralverlag der
    , Franz Eher Nachf, Muenchen) shows the Potsdam Badge in page 61 and the comment that it was the Badge for the Participants.

    See picture attached.


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    Hi All,

    I got today also the book: „Die Uniformen und Abzeichen der
    , und des Stahlhelm Brigade Ehrhardt, Amswalter, Abgeordnete,
    “. But I can’t really see the year. I will upload a couple of pages from it.

    But have you seen the colour of the Potsdam Badge?



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    Thats a nice little book.

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    Bronze silver-washed example, with no markings.. not mine, i found it on the net.
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    Quite a nice discussion about this badge. When I remember well I haven't seen
    this included drawing and information here.

    It was published in "Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der Hitler-Jugend", the
    official uniform-regulation from the
    (1934), with the date as
    January 15, 1934. The drawing was on page 84.


    Further the complete text from page 86 from "Aufbau und Abzeichen der Hitler-Jugend"
    with the stand for April 1940. Here it is noted who had to wear silver and who earlier
    did wear the bronze version. This version was later not allowed to be worn, as it in fact
    was nothing more then a tinnie, while the silver version was an official

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