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    I still think that the theory that these were given to camp visitors has legs. We know from the period document that a badge was issued for that purpose for the Hochland Lager 1934 and we can see from Jo's analysis that the 1936 badges were stamped by the manufacturer. This means that he had been told how many were needed. We need three things now:

    a picture or detailed description of the 1934 badge produced for issue to visitors by guard personnel
    proof that a similar badge was produced for 1936
    ...and a period picture/description of that badge.

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    we also need to see all the results of the "detailed" analysis
    I have started and have a lot of images i need to get together, but Xmas has gotten in the way, as well as a few other things. From what i have right now, i am not convinced that the badge i am looking at, is original at all.

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    Aha, there's more to come :) Okay, looking forward to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Aha, there's more to come :) Okay, looking forward to that.
    Yes for sure.

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