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    YES it is there but I can not reproduce it on my computer
    If you have a separate numeric set of keys (0-9 on the right side of the keyboard, not the numbers on top in a line below the F1 keys) as most Keyboards have today, then you can easily type Umlauten using the left ALT key.

    ie: Umlaut Ü = hold left ALT and type in 0252 then release ALT and voilla

    This page will tell you how, plus gives you all the ALT key codes
    Windows Alt Key Codes

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    Great additions Paul, who is the current Tinnie king, you or Antonio? You both have amazing collections


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    all collectors are royal no kings just good folks IMO

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    Hello Paul Ayerst, hello rest :)

    I'm Manuel from Aschaffenburg, Germany

    Excuse me when I roll this old post again. This is a great forum only I'm not the best in English.

    I have a badge collection from aschaffenburg, and they have here a badge that is still missing,

    Do they still have it and would sell it to me? That would be very great, I am looking for a long time

    If you have interest I show you my collection.

    Thank you friends

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