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    The most difficult Hitler Youth Tinnie to find?

    Hi Tinnie Experts!!

    In your opinion, which is/are the most difficult tinnie to get?

    I have been checking the Tieste book - Band 1 and there are authentic treasures.

    For example:

    Bann 164 Weser Leine Sportkämpfe Hameln 16.9.34
    HJ Bann 312 1. Aufmarsch 7 Juni 1936 Babenhausen
    Bannaufmarsch 66 9-10 Juni Burg 1934

    What do you think?



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    That is a very difficult question to answer. There are many tinnies listed in Tieste's tinnie reference books that I have never seen for sale or seen in other people's collections. There are also many tinnies in my collection and others that are not listed in his reference books. One thing I have learned is most tinnies I have seen for sale eventually come up for sale may take ten years but it happens.


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    Attached are photos of the tinnies to match your scans. Of these three tinnies, the Babenhausen was the hardest for me to obtain. I have the Hameln tinnie in both bronze and silver. I have posted the silver below.
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    What an amazing tinnie collection you have.

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    this makes me jealous!

    love them !

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    In my oppinion the Finnlandfahrt Hitler-jugend Dresden in wood the hardest one to get regards tomas Ps i dont have it but i bid on one some years ago i think the highest bid was over 300 eur

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    Hi Railhouse,
    Can you post a picture/scan of that Tinnie? I would love to see it since I have never seen one like that. Thank you. JME

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    Very nice tinnies , thankyou for posting .

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