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    My Hitler Youth tinnies

    Unsere Fahne ist mehr als der Tod. Bann 225 Erster Aufmarsch Cloppenburg 1934
    "Dem Führer" Bann B18 Zeltlager
    Gebietssporttreffen HJ DJ 14 Okt 1934
    Bann Jungbann 126 Sportfest Calw 1936
    1. Sporttreffen Oberbann 2/21 in Rastatt

    here is a picture of my 5 best and rare HJ-tinnies. Hope you enjoy the picture.
    Best Regards

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    Total view of all my tinnies

    Total view of all my tinnies including
    and Kreistag.
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    Excellent!!! Just Excellent.

    Let's start for the Cloppenburg one, just please, have a look at the link below. The design is the same, but in that link, the cities/districts are in the same area, but the city from your Tinnie is located 600 Kilometer from the area of the other Tinnies. Excellent.

    The Calw Tinnie is a "non easy to find" one. So far, Railhause and I have one, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. BRAVO.

    Obviously, the rest of the Tinnies are also very good.

    So congratulations for your Tinnies. Excellent contribution to the Forum.



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    Hallo Antonio,
    thank you very much. The link is very interesting.
    Best Regards

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