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    My new Tinnies

    Hi all,

    I have been out of the business for a while, still trying to get a nice lot, so I haven’t bought many Tinnies recently…

    But still I have bought a couple:

    - Quite common Düsseldorf 1936 – Flag Reunion of the Gebiet 10, Ruhr-Niederrhein. Dusseldorf was part of it until 1939, which became the Gebiet 34 alone.
    - 3 Paper (very common) tinnies, Brown adolf Hitler one, Brown Annaberg and Green Hein Godewind. So, that makes 22 Tinnies from this collection, 10 to go.
    - A lovely Sword…. Bann 27 (Altmark), Gebiet Mittelland, Obergebiet Mitte. I dont think it is a common one. Simple and lovely. This one is not in the best conservation, no pin. But, still a lovely example.

    So far, I will be still quiet for a while…

    This 5 Tinnies makes now a total of 97 Tinnies in my collection…



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    very nice. I had a chance at one of those STENDAL tinnies but not fast enough. Stendal was the big training base for the falschirmjaegers. great pick ups ANTONIO

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