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    New (common) Tinnie - Nordsee 5. Kampfspielen

    New (common) Tinnie.

    Hi all,

    So let me introduce you my Tinnie number 98. It is a common one, nothing new. But still, a lot of information to be given.

    So it is the Nordsee, 5. Kampfspielen (Fight games?). As we know (specially those who has access to the Bann number and Gebiete, it is worth it 15 euros to be paid) Easy to read. So Nordsee, Gebiet 7, Obergebiet Nord. The best part comes now.

    When? It says August, but, what year?

    In my opinion, it has to be 1938, 1939.

    Let’s suppose that the first games were organized in 1934, first year after the elections. So that means that the year should be 1938 (5th after 1934).

    Apart from that, it is quite common to find Plastic badges like this one in around those years, for example, Tirol or Steiermark in Austria, or Schwaben, Franken or even Westfallen in Germany.

    So, the next question is, where was held? Checking again the past and the time, I believe that the place was Bremen. Apart from being the most important city in that Gebiet (I believe), also has the resources to allocate the participants of 19 Bänne (in 1939). But, that is NOT a definitive statement as we know how good the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk (
    ) to accommodate kids, almost everywhere in Germany.

    To finish with this “little” study from this badge. I would like to mention that it was made by Bruno Mulde, from Bremen. His
    code was M9/184. But why wasn’t that code in the Tinny.

    Ok, time to go to sleep. Just to finish with one thing. I know that Tinnies are not the most “valuable” and sometimes are really underestimated items, but still, these pieces of metal, plastic, wood or paper… have so much information and background!!



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    Nice one Antonio. Your collection continues to grow, 98? That's an impressive number of HJ tinnies.

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    Thanks señor Darin. Before the year ends… you will see more. And, I am going to the Militaria show in Reichertshofen in January and I expect a few good ones in the bag,

    Ah, by the way, remember that a while ago I offered you something in Munich? Maybe if you come, it is still on my friend.



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    Your badge is for the 1938 Kampfspiele Antonio as the 4th Nordsee Kampfspiele were held between 13th and the 15th of August 1937.


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    Thanks Garry! Do you mind if I use that particular picture? Always naming the source, of course.

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


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    No problem Antonio :)

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