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    Paulmann und Crone correspondence - Tagungsabzeichen

    Hi all,

    first, I would like to clarify that this document is not HJ related but just Tagungsabzeichen (or Tinny) related. So, GARRY, I would understand that you don't approve that I post this in this section. I just want to show a bit more of the inside of one of the most popular makers of the III Period.

    Also, a big THANKS to Metallwarenabzeichen, thanks for the trust.

    Now, I would like to show you a follow up Letter sent from Paulmann und Crone. As you can see it is visually a very beautiful and interesting Document.

    This letter is dated February 1935 and it is a follow up letter which was sent at the end of 1934. This letter was sent to the committee of the town's festival in order to get the concession to make the Tinnies and other "Plaketten". At the End of 1934, this committee contacted Paulmann und Crone enquiring over the goods before.

    Well, this town was a really small one in 1935 with hardly 3.000 People located in the Middle of Germany in between Bavaria and Thüringen, belonging to the last "Bundesland". It is located 450 Kms from Lüdenscheid.

    As they have received the answer yet, they are asking the committee if they have already given the concession to another company or if they will not need those Tagungsabzeichen oder Plaketten (2nd Paragraph).

    The 3rd and 4th Paragraphs are just trying to sell themselves with "we will be so thankful if we get the concession" or just talking about the professional workers that they have in that big company and what they are able to do. Also they request a Draft to be sent to them in order to fulfill all of the wishes and approval.

    We can also see the RZM number, 78, later to be M1/78 (after 1935) in the Badges.

    Well apart from being a nice document, we also see the big competence there at that time as we see the follow up from a company like PuC for a really minor Order or concession. We read how interested they in making those goods and how they are trying to sell themselves with so much emphasis.

    Really nice to see documents relating Tinnies or Tagungsabzeichen and, definitely, will try that this one is not the last one.

    Best Regards


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    Thanks Heran , you are a great asset to our forum .

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    Glad you like it

    You failed to note the MA/ code, which was the first RZM M-system prefix that took over from the No, Nr, or N- prefix for metallabzeichen, and ran parallel to the old system, from early 1934 until (officially) March 1935 - but was certainly used a little after that as well, although to find any metallabzeichen that is actually stamped with the prefix MA/ is almost impossible. I have only ever seen one badge marked with MA/ from Steinhauer. In Stephen Lautens RZM reference book he says that this MA/ code was only between late 1934 to March 1935, which is wrong, it was used before "late 1934", many months before in fact - but not all metallabzeichen makers used it though.

    Yes they surely did "Chase" or follow up on contracts, after all, this was their job, they were an Abzeichenfabrik, and by 1935 surely no abzeichenfabrik was solely Dependant on only producing NSDAP items (were they ever? i doubt it very much)

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    Thanks realy interesting

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